One of our lilac trees in bloom

One of our lilac trees in bloom

I felt like I had lost whatever that is.  Normal.  For days, I have been on the telephone – working with many different venues, case workers, insurance companies to help get my sister the placement that will benefit her the most. Now, it is with great relief to report that my sister is now being transferred to one of the top neuro rehab centers in the country.  And to make that even better, this morning she recognized the case worker !!!!!!!   She remembered the case worker’s name !!!!!!  AND she thanked her for the time she has spent on her !  This brings us a wonderful ray of hope today. 

So, today, I cleaned some critter houses.  I worked in the living room around the wood stove.  I realized that I have to call the eccentric chimney sweep to do his work on our stovepipe and chimney.  Agh.  That’s ok, we had the thing overhauled last season before winter.  Now to have it cleaned and cleared of bird nests, leaves whatnot.  Chimney fire are easily avoidable with proper maintenance.  I am on a stranglehold of a budget, but THIS is mandatory 🙂

I reinstalled our house numbers, swept the front stoop and did a myriad of things.  Trying to get back to a normal rhythm……..things are looking up for my sister, and I have writing to do.  The writers conference is fast approaching and I am bound and determined to be ready.

Enjoy your first day of October !