[Photo from US Geological Survey website]

There were turkey vultures roosting in our TREES !  Apparently these birds do bird things – shake their feathers, move their feet………you know, just bird things. 

At night.

In the trees overhead.

That my dogs sat and listened to…….and didn’t agree with.  So, they barked.  And barked.  And HOWLED……………..all night long…………..

So, you see, I have an Anatolian shepherd.  I got her so she could be our herd protector.  Dairy goats.  Only problem with that was that she is terrified of goats.  Completely terrified,pee on the floor, turn into a flat whimpering mass of 150 pound dog.  Not a really pretty sight as you may imagine.  So, she lives the life of our yard dog, along with Molly our Collie mix dog.  They are worth their weight in gold.  They have alerted me to strangers on the property.  In cars across the street.  When people walk past or ride their bikes down the street.  They let me know when raccoons or skunks or stray cats are marauding.  They tell me when there is a loose horse or goat.  They even went through a period of time that they would not tolerate my son riding his bicycle…..took a page from the dog whisperer on that, and they don’t care now 🙂

Anyway, back to the vultures.  When I went outside early there they were….just sitting there, fluffing their feathers.  Not that they look menacing or anything, they are after all just big birds that have a vital role in the world…..  They next flew carefully to the fenceline behind our place.  There they sat until the sun was higher in the sky.  Then they began the process of standing up tall, spreading their wings out and warming up.  It is my understanding of these birds that since so much of their time is spent gently floating on the air currents, they spend the time warming their feathers so they can just be soft pliable feathery clouds………since they find their food by smell, it gives them somewhere to search from I suppose – vs sitting in a tree somewhere 🙂

Birds birds everywhere, much to the dogs dismay. Now it is morning. And now it is quiet – of course.