Sunrise hunter

Sunrise hunter

This has been a long week.  Through a lot of stuff, but what is important is this.  My sister will be ok, off to acute neuro rehab on Monday……..they will send her close to home to be rehabbed.  We spoke to her on the phone tonight, and her voice is strong now.  She is doing better each day, but it will take work to get back to normal activities I am told.  Time frame is unknown, but the important thing is that she is getting the care she needs to get back to her life. 

Hot today, weather is supposed to change mid week.  Soon there will be freezing temps and I will roll up the hoses and store them until I use them, then drain them and store them until the next time.  THAT I won’t miss once we do move……..only once do you use a hose in the freezing temps we have – and forget to take it off the hose bib……..or forget to drain it………does not happen twice I tell you.  Why would that matter you say (the Southern California folks no doubt – we came from there originally, and that would be MY thoughts you see), well it is like this.  While we have “frost free” hose bibs, what that does mean is that with no hose attached, the hose bib drains all the water in it after it is turned off.  BUT if a hose is attached, well, it does not drain away.  It freezes in the pipe in the wall, and once it UN freezes, wallah !  Broken pipe under the sink !  Like I said, it only happens ONCE.  

There are two types of weather here, it is either freezing, and all the windows are closed for six months, or they are wide open with cool or hot weather  for six months.  It is beautiful and interesting here, but I long for the ocean.  Being on our vacation was absolute heaven.  The photo ops were to die for……never have I had such good film, er, files.  ** Sighs**  When it happens, it will be sweet.  The big bird above was one of seventeen I counted that morning 🙂  Just beautiful.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend !