Looking to the skies from deck

Looking to the skies from deck

No, I never took that class. 

Money has never been a need for me aside from having the essentials taken care of.   I went from working odd jobs, working at the racetrack with the horses, to managing a successful company.  In my infinite wisdom of youth, I didn’t save money.  If I came across someone who needed it more than I did, easy decision, I gave them what they needed.  Not difficult.  Just the right thing to do.  In school, I never was a clothing label oriented person.  (In fact I was a social outcast, known as the girl with frizzy hair, glasses and braces.  I absolutely hated school.  Got out as soon as I could, and never looked back)  Anyway, I have been thinking about how we are surviving in this economy now.  I am working on my writing career.  I know I can do it, doors are opening and I am spending each spare minute writing.  I have known a wide variety of people, from all walks of life.  Single, big families, older folks.  Money does not do it, that is, it can buy things, but as we have always heard (and rightly so), money does not buy happiness.  You can buy things for people that can make them happy, and for me the happiness lies in the buying FOR someone.  I love to give.  I am crummy at being on the receiving end – if I really need something, I will buy it, but I have a much better time shopping or searching for online and obtaining something for someone.    That is just how I am wired.

Our close call day before yesterday gives me once again the flush of being grateful – for being on this side of the dirt per se.    I look forward to moving one day – we will enjoy being closer to shopping, the arts, friends.  For me though, it all comes down to being happy that I had one more day here.  Looking forward, enjoying tomorrow no matter what it holds.

Time to get busy with dinner, have a nice evening !