We are all fine.  Yesterday was a close call though……….Accidents are called that because they ARE just that.  Unintended events, sometimes producing property damage or personal injury.  In the last few years, my truck has suffered several accidents…….a deer hit us one evening coming home from town……That was wasn’t funny, the truck got damaged, and mom and I were not happy  (not to mention the poor yearling buck)……I don’t recommend that. 

Then, the low hanging limb on the tree in front, that hung over the driveway for six years fell at 4:30 one  morning ……and almost crushed the cab.  It fell partially, I heard it, ran outside just KNOWING that was the noise, grabbed my keys, jumped in the passenger side door, started the truck and gunned it out from under the branch – which promptly fell the rest of the way.  Dumb on my part ? Of course.  It did however save my truck.  Geez, I NEED that truck !  So, when I had the distinct feeling that I should not drive my truck into the city yesterday with mom for her doctor check up……I left it at home.  On a normal day, given the option of driving the truck or the van, the truck would win every time.  I even told it that it had to stay home because (and I did tell it this, out loud :)) that I didn’t want it to get in a wreck.  So, in driving yesterday, we had a very VERY close call…….and the minivan proved it was worth it’s keep – it quite literally danced out of harm’s way, with my help.  There was this guy who had made a dive into the lane next to us up ahead,  but to his bad luck, that lane stopped cold. I could see that we were going to collide….. He realized it too, then at the last second, and began to swerve back, and he saw us…..and I jerked out of the way, having just looked and seen that the car to our left had moved into the next lane….the minivan did a jig, we heard the tires chirp, and with one swerve to the left, avoided the car we were suddenly on track to hit, and one strong move to the right to straighten us out……we sailed on past and went on about our business, albeit a bit shakily.  We are both sore, mom from jerking one way, then the other:  me from trying to lift the van with the steering wheel out of the way….That was definitely the closest call I have ever had at freeway speed.  

Yesterday morning, when I appeared at mom’s without the truck, she asked why.  I told her I just knew  I needed to leave it at home and drive the van.  If I had been in the truck, the length and stiffness would have never gotten us out of harm’s way in time.  God bless the minivan !  After that, I don’t think the truck minded being left at home !!!  I know I was much relieved………..that was way too close !

In the blink of an eye our lives can change – I am just so happy that van can dance !