Such our lives

Such our lives

And even more, how do we package it for the future generation ???  In thinking about what my son knows, or does not know in the realm of family history – it occurred to me that I will really have to do a good job of it to write it all down for him.  In the last 20 or so years, we have lost the vast majority of our family members to the great beyond.  There are a few of us left – my mom, sister, my son.  A cousin and a great aunt, her husband and daughters – none of whom we really have any relationship with at all.  There just isn’t anyone left to tell the stories my Pop told about his life in Pennsylvania, his  Army days, his life as a offset print business owner – his stories were virtually limitless.  How to get it all down for my son……..thankfully he knew Pop and they were great together.  I hope I can put together enough of a compilation for him to carry him forward into his own life, knowing his family history and stories.  My Pop passed in 2000, and my son’s father in 2004.  There is so much that I would like for my son to hear about……..I can see hours on the computer tucked into the corner of the living room with the wood stove going…….snow falling…..snowplows and sand trucks going past……all while I go back in time and put it down for him. 

 I only hope I can do a good job of it – as I know it won’t be an easy task.

I branched out on one of my books today – completing backstory and fleshing things out that needed, well fleshing out.  Carol and I are going to the Surrey Writers Conference in BC in October – and I have to bring some good stuff with me !!!!!

I find it interesting the things that people remember about their lives – the things that are most important to them, are not the obvious things to the casual observer  – perhaps sometimes, but the emotion, the memories lie in what  the heart remembers.  It is the little details  in our lives that can be the most important down the line – for me, when Pop was failing, at the last of it, when shopping for food, that week in April, I happened to see a quarter of a watermelon.    Now that stuff, Pop could eat tons of.  We hadn’t seen it since summer, and there it was, cut, priced and ready.  It was too early for locally grown stuff,  it was sheer chance I even looked that day.  I picked it up and brought it home.  The last morning we had together I remembered the watermelon in there , and went and got it out of the fridge.  I said to him “you will never guess what I have here for you !”  and brought it out to him at the table.  He was delighted !  He must have eaten half of that piece – it was perfect.  He had his bit of cereal, his watermelon, did the crossword puzzle, and that was the last conversation we had.  While tears still stream down my face while recalling this, I am smiling – so much joy from that watermelon, and almost as importantly, I REMEMBERED it was there for him !!!!!!   It is a good thing because I would not have had the happy recollection I do today otherwise.  He was the best Pop anyone could have, and we were so lucky to have him in our family.  It is what the memories leave as an imprint- the love that is left in our heart from what can be the simplest of things. 

Enjoy each day, and remember, the little details can be the sweetest !