Nature's amazing - just gorgeous

Nature is amazing - just a gorgeous sunrise

A sunrise…..I have a collection of these shots.  Just beautiful.  That is one thing about living here, we have some seriously amazing skies, both sunrises and sunsets.  I took this in January of 2007.

Spent a bit of time convincing myself that I am over this stupid flu…….and to reward myself, I was tired and coughing more.  Felt like I needed to eat more, which I did.  No mom, not just sticks and twigs.  Chili and a sandwich.  Had a good dinner with my son as well.  Anyway, I spent time looking through the thousands of shots I have on this computer.  Lots of photos.  Some I really like.  I am thinking about setting up an account through some venue like Cafe Press that will put the photos on mugs or shirts or mousepads…..maybe.

Best get to bed, trying to be organized about the blog.

Enjoy your day tomorrow !  Heat is on it’s way back – these 75 degree days are just too nice !  Supposed to be 90 again soon – ugh.