Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Well.  We got home.  Long drive, me getting over being sick, my son blowing his nose four times a mile………mom having to listen to the whole thing.  Poor mom.  (Now she is sick too…..)  I did stop on an off ramp to take the photo above.  Instead of turning back across the off ramp and back onto the freeway, feeling that a highway patrol cruiser would see that move and ticket me……I brilliantly said “oh wouldn’t it be great if I can’t get back on here ?”……..and  decided to drive down the ramp.   There was a nice on ramp right there.  And it had a huge barricade across it, along with the big sign proclaiming it would be closed from August 26 until November something.  Seriously ? SERIOUSLY ?  Here in the middle of nowhere ?  Of course only in MY world……..  During our  trip,  I took a couple of unplanned excursions off the freeway, usually looking for a named Starbucks on those stupid  “FOOD” signs, following the directions, then turning around when we never found it.  Ugh.  So, this unplanned surface street route, which was named something like “Old Stagecoach Trail” wasn’t a surprise – and it did go in the right direction though…….. it was long……then a local turned out of their driveway and I decided to follow them.  Right to the freeway thankfully, it made sense, where else would they go ???

Once home, fueled by two bottled Mocha Frappachinos, I was awake for a long time.  Lots to think about, and I had been sick virtually since we got to Port Orchard.  Now, having been home and rested a day, I am sick once again.   Such fun !  NOT !  Since I have been a slug about updating the blog, I wrote the stuff above last night.  After a night of little sleep, no Nyquil by choice and crabby kid in the house, I am actually starting to feel like myself again.  Good thing !!!  I still am unpacking, the usual, clothing I didn’t wear, food we didn’t eat……aside from the stuff we bought when we were at the little house.  I had grand plans to cook and bake.  What that turned into was too much fast food,  sleeping in the daytime, and a fridge half full of food we didn’t touch, but perishable.  What to do ?  Ah HA !!!!  Took the food, things like mayonaise, organic eggs, wonderful extra sharp cheddar cheese… some frozen stuff to the fellow who is the manager of the manufactured home lot.  Imagine this –  lugging in three grocery bags of stuff, and asking the other guy at the front desk   “Hi !  Is ________here ?  I have some things for him !”  HA !!  This fellow is really a nice guy – and while it isn’t proper or whatever to call a man cute, he is really easy on the eyes.   Sighs…  He is single, he cooks and has a darling dog, a rescue dog ! Those who know me will understand how well that works for me too ! (the dog part at least).  It was hilarious to me after the fact, we took the man mayonnaise and he was happy about it ! We spent time comparing notes on the disfunctional mates we had chosen in the past – that we both try and fix people, and always and I mean ALWAYS choose the defective person to be interested in.   Some discussion about the fatal flaw that is always present in a person, and what that might be.  I liked him.  I never look at men anymore, after my husband died, people asked me for years when I was going to start dating again.  OMG, my stock answer is always “What on earth would I want another one for ????”  Seriously !  I mean WHY open yourself up for that whole circus again?  (For those not in the loop, that would be first love declared, he disappeared from my life the next day, re-met years later, married, had our son, more heartbreak due to his alcoholism, separation, his  getting and staying sober, rejoining the family, moving and then managing to poison himself accidentally with a wood preservative product the first month we were here – which led to liver failure,   no transplant, but two years of horrible illness and pain for him – for all of us before he passed).  That is why I don’t want another one !!!!!!!!   Then to meet a man who seemed to mirror the stuff I do….odd. A cute man, who talks, cooks and…….never mind.   Oh well.  No problem there, he is in Washington, and I am 650 miles from there.  At least I know I am not dead now – and for a person who is writing contemporary women’s fiction, that is helpful.  He was very sweet, he likely thought we were just nuts from California.  (We are, but hey, we are what we are !) I was glad to meet him, I know there ARE useful men out there, and my friends have good mates – Carol, Susan, Melissa, Marie……..and I say good for you all !  I am just not thinking I will ever be in the right mind set to take that on again. I don’t know.  

 Anyway, the manufactured homes they sell now are amazing.  I have spent a large part of my life absolutely hating mobile home – having lived in 3 different  horrible ones.  Even when my parents got a new one in 1990 (?) I was skeptical, but it was really nice.  On our jaunt up the state, through Oregon, we stopped at the manufacturing plant that makes these Karsten homes.   Well built ? OMG !  Better than a stick home for sure now.  I am sold.  Now all I have to do is get some books sold and income to do it !

Now that I have stopped babbling, I am going to have lunch and get busy.  I have writing to do – amongst other things !

Enjoy your late summer day, it is beautiful here today.