My white peacock

My white peacock

Had to put this photo up – I miss my big birds still.  I just saw an ad on Craig’s List for a trio of peacocks, and I got nostalgic I suppose…….lovely birds they are.   Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

How do we decide that where we live is “home”?  A hundred years ago, it was not uncommon for folks to be born and die in the same town.  Now, in the age of  easy transportation, that term “home” could be anywhere.  It is interesting to me, that since we have made two major moves – the number of people who say they hate the area we just moved to……….but they don’t move away!  Why ?  If you truly cannot abide a location, be it the weather, the distance from family, lack of job opportunities, why stay ?  It is a mystery to me.  Our moves have been weather inspired.  Place where I was born and raised ?  30 years worth ?  Too hot.  Next place ?  Too hot.  Ah ha…….tried for “some snow, not as hot in the summer”.  Which in actuality is “some snow, once 4 1/2 feet on the ground for seven weeks”  and “the hottest summer on record” the first year we were here.  Too dry, so on we go to the beautiful Pacific Northwest – eventually. 

Blogging at night, still too warm………cooled off to about 85 now.  Supposed to be “cooler” tomorrow.   Right.  Like 95 degrees.  Oh well. 

Have a nice evening everyone !