Another amazing sunset

Another amazing sunset

We go about our lives, so very ant like.  Need food, scurry to the grocery store.  Clothing ?  WalMart.  Oh, well, I know there are other stores in the world, just not in our part of the world – unless one drives 75 + miles.   In preparing for our vacation, stress is ever present.  When one has animals, the stress is intensified.  While I think I have it all covered, my mind, that helpful thing, will bring up things that I know are fine.  Why ?  Just in case ?  Gak.

Today off to town we go again.  I have to go on Friday also, so maybe we can keep it to today, then Friday.  Who knows ?  My truck (knock on wood) is behaving fine so far.  There really isn’t anything else that can be wrong with it to cause the things it was doing.   So, crossing my fingers that it truly is fine, and we can just merrily go zipping around as usual.

I enjoy each day I have – since the neck issue is ever present, it is actually a constant reminder of not taking life and movement for granted.  It takes a lot to get me angry now, whereas when I was  younger, that was at times a too present emotion.  Calmness serves me well.  I am sure it is better for my body and my blood pressure !

Hug your family near, enjoy your sunrises and sunsets.