Woke up just before six am.  Wandered out to the dining room and heard a very sad  “meow meow meow !!!”  I double check that it is not my baby Jupiter, and realize it is coming from outside.  I see nothing in the yard.  I get the boots on, and go out, calling.  I finally figure out that this kitten (a different one but likely a sibling to the one from the night before) is up the tree in the front yard.   I could eyeball the distance from the ground, and it is about 6 feet above the top rung of my big extension ladder.  Not that I was thrilled with the prospect of going up the ladder after a likely wild kitten……..but I got the ladder anyways.  Yup,  way too short.  Yup, kitten went out on limb away from center of tree.  Oh brother. I went back inside and heard it from time to time.  Once outside doing chores, I could hear it from my mom’s side of the ranch.  Yikes.  After helping mom with some things, I head home, and didn’t hear the kitten……upon arriving back home, the kitten has managed to get down and disappeared.  Whew.  Now if only I knew it would be safe somewhere.  Perhaps should have taken a photo, but didn’t think of it – again.  Oh well.

I think at times we have a sign that only animals see – help needed ? Apply within !  Yesterday, as I was topping off a water basin for my disabled goat Twinkle, I walk up, and there is a sparrow floating in the water.  They die like this, they look like they are using a flotation device of some sort, lower part of bird in water, upper part still dry, but dead all the same.  I say something uncomplimentary, and realize the bird is alive and LOOKING at me !  Sparkling eyes – sparrows are just delightful birds.  This one was wet and cold, but I snatched her up and dried her off somewhat.  I took her out to my truck, which had hay in it, but I had just left the alfalfa leaves and litter in the bed – and the tailgate was still down, the canopy lid lifted.  Quite warm and toasty.  I brought a cage out with me, and made a nice toasty bed for the sparrow, and slipped the cage over it to protect it from any cats.  I checked her half an hour later and she was asleep.  When the sun was just over the mountains, I checked her again, and she was up, dry, hopping and cheeping cheerily !  I lifted the cage and she flew off happily.  Didn’t take a picture of her either…….I have to work on that skill.  I was thrilled to have saved her. My best pet ever was my first house sparrow Myrtle, who I had for many years.  She was imprinted on me and I kept her as part of the family.  Since then, I have raised and released many wild birds successfully, but Myrtle was the best.

Busy day, stay cool and enjoy your family !