What an odd night.  First comes the lovely skunk odor………then after an hour or so, my dogs go NUTS.   Skunk on the property, came in via the creekbed.  I go out and make noise and thankfully it continued down the creekbed and out………so I go back to bed. 



OK ! I am awake now !  Cat fight.  Up like a shot, out the backdoor, calling Kona, hoping that it is not she that is involved in this altercation.  I hear something going to the front gate, so off I go, thinking it is the neighbors orange and white tom cat.  OMG, it is a kitten, about the same size as my orphaned kitten (who finally got his own name, he is Jupiter)……..well, I have no idea if this kitten is wild, but I can tell you this, he/she stopped in it’s tracks.  I had lined the inside of the picket fence with a plastic 1 x 1 wire type stuff……to keep the chickens in the yard.  This poor kitten had hit it going mach 4, and it’s head went through one 1 x 1 square.  I turned and sprinted to the house, for my scissors.  Poor kitten !  It was losing consciousness and was starting to slump backwards when I got there with the scissors.  I carefully let it know I was there, and clipped the plastic going behind it’s neck.  Clip !  Kitten falls back on it’s butt………and wandered off and sat for a minute.  Then scampered off under the lilac trees.  After I let it loose, it occurred to me I should have caught it.  It has no future loose here next to the road.  I will have to try and catch it.  I didn’t let the chicky ladies loose this am, but I have seen no sign of it, and it likely is asleep under the house now.  Poor thing. 

Enjoy your Sunday all !  I am off to move some chain link panels and fix the coop for the ladies 🙂  winter will come and it needs new plastic and replace a few fiberglass panels.  Just think of it as fixing the doghouse for your dog, or washing the cover from the cat’s bed 🙂  They are all pets, or family and must be kept comfortable !