A flower ? or a weed ? Depends on your outlook

A flower ? or a weed ? Depends on your outlook

I see quotes every day it seems that are really something that hits home.  I really like this one……….

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” ~Winston Churchill.“

Anyone have favorite quotes ?  Please post them in the comments section.

Cooler weather for a few days it seems.  Much appreciated by me – too much to do to be having to change clothing three or four times a day due to dirt or sweat !!!!  Much happier animals when it isn’t scorching too. A lot of California is ablaze again………prayers for those in the path of these monsters and the brave souls who fight them.   Mother Nature on the warpath is something too much to think about – just before I went to sleep last night, I made the mistake of watching part of a program about a half mile wide tornado that went through a town in Iowa.  No thank you !  I grew up with earthquakes, and that is it for me.  The ground can shake all it wants, just don’t blow away like that !

Well, off to do a lot of different things, the air show is today, but my son is having difficulties sleeping, so we aren’t going.  I heard the P51 Mustang go over on it’s way there earlier 🙂  The Stearman biplane will be there giving rides, it costs a LOT and mom gifted us with a ride 7 years ago.  Best thing I have ever done !  LOVE flying !

Enjoy your day !