I am a Craigs List reader.  There is soooooo much fodder for this blog, but I would have to devote the next week or two writing it.  So, since I can’t do that, I will however put the gem of the day, a line from a post here.

“How about the people on disability that really can work but are using there disability as a escape goat not to work.”

Most interesting.  I have had several escape goats.  They jump fences, or go through fences, or crawl under fences.  They bear no resemblance to the scape goat which the person was trying to speak of.  The inability of a person to use the correct form of “their”  or one of many other words…….oh well.

Truck is doing well, so far have made a trip home, then to town and back.  Not a bobble, at least not yet.  Yeah!