The truck in snowier times

Lately, my beloved Chevy truck has had a glitch.  Or a bump, or just an all out failure to run………or rather failure to CONTINUE running.  It now  has had new plugs, points and plug wires (they were original, the truck has 142,000 miles on it).  Got the much anticipated work done.

Still quit running. 

It did it when on the flat. Going slow. Up hill. At a good clip.  When coasting up to a signal (we DO have 3 or 4 in the nearby town we go to when shopping for groceries and WalMart – none in our town though).  Oh, this was the most fun – it quit running while turning and braking. Poof.  No power steering. No power brakes.  I about pulled my elbow out of the socket trying to get it to turn into the post office parking lot – and it became obvious I had blown the turn totally and was at best hoping to stop before running into the bushes !!!! OMG I have never done something like that !  What fun.  Gave me fits. Gave mom fits.  So,  we get another part replaced.  The ignition module.  Ok, should make it work fine.  Ok.  Worked fine until up the hill we went.  Then nothing.  Hmmmm.  Set appt for it at the shop again.  Mom’s battery on her van was dead dead.  Took truck to town.  Fine all the way in, then quit in the WalMart parking lot.  Oh joy.  Then on Main Street, on approach to the signal.  Started. Quit.  Wouldn’t start.  Finally found the emergency flasher switch……….rolled through intersection.  Finally started and ran very oddly……and went directly to the shop.  Now it has had the fuel pump relay switch replaced.  Ran fine with mechanic in it. Ran fine home.

We shall see…………..

Late post, ready to finish up outside, have a nice evening all !