Yesterday began pretty stressfully.  Then we were gone forever to town.  Once we returned, I hauled in the food and stuff, put it away.  When I was getting ready to go feed, I heard the chicky ladies all yelling.  Now, being chickens, they yell for various reasons.  Yesterday, however, it meant that a juvinile hawk was trying to get my rooster.  Mind that the rooster does not live loose in the yard.  He figured a way out of the big yard coop, and when he thinks he needs to come out and follow me, he does.  Gave him something else to do.  He was a great bird, the son of our favorite rooster who died of old age a couple of years ago.  He would follow me and comment, asking for whatever I had…….he would even eat leaves of alfalfa !  I always put him back when he was out and I was done in that area, which seemed to work  fine, until I found his body with the inexperienced hawk starting dinner on him.  BAD IDEA !  Terrible, I remember now why living in an apartment didn’t suck completely.  No hawk ate my parakeet when I lived in an apartment.  I spooked it off, and it hung around.  If I had a shotgun, I really think I would have gotten rid of it right then. God knows I wanted to.  My chicky ladies were cowering under the lilacs and I was terrified that I would lose another one before this was over.   All we have is a peashooter, which is an air pistol that shoots bb’s.  Rah rah.  It does however scare them off…….which is what we did.  Not long after that, chickens yelling again.  So, since we already had one horrible incident, I go check.  The side of my coop is what I call accessory pens and it is made of chain link panels.  I have a few roosters in there, and as I am telling the chickens to pipe down, “it’s ok, you can be quiet”, I see a feather butt….on THE OUTSIDE and since I had put my chicky ladies away, think first I had missed one.  But nooooo, it is that hawk !  It was desperate and it had managed to wedge itself through the chain link……..and got one leg tangled, caught and broken.  It was flopping uselessly, broken off at the joint.  Ugly.  My son was there, and he euthanized it for me.  There would have been no hope for it, the wildlife rehabber told me, even if we had been able to get it out of the fence.  It was in shock already, and would have died if we left it alone…..but slowly. Horrible I tell you.  I am more than ready for a good day !!!

Lots of things going on in preparation for our vacation.  Still have to finish some critical things, hoping I can stay home and concentrate.  The weather is at least cooperating, I slept under the covers last night !  Lovely.

Have a good day all.