It has always been difficult for me to realize what I need.  Thus, I miss something for a long time, then find it perhaps by accident.  That was the case here.  The other night, we had quite a lot of thunderstorm activity.  After our dinner with mom, I went home and put away the leftovers.  I grabbed my camera, and went outside.  In years gone by, I would haul my 35 mm camera all over.  I had been known to shoot five or six 36 exposure rolls at a time – at the beach, at the racetrack, car shows, just a lot of photographs.

I had forgotten until I was hanging over the fence with Spirit (my formerly abused horse) taking photos with the digital camera how calming it is to my soul.  As I waited for lightning to appear, just waiting and talking to my horse, it occuredto me as I clicked away that for once, I was doing something I love.  With no interferrence (at least not much).  I was at ease, something that does not happen to me much.  The last time I felt that was I can tell you exactly.  We were in Port Orchard for the 4th of July in 2007.  We had been invited to sit with some folks on the shore of the sound, right across from the fireworks barge.  So, aside from some bugs, and while there were a lot of people around, no one bothered me.  I just clicked away, trying to capture some of the fireworks.  It was a lot of fun, and the other night was like that too.  I didn’t have to run feed something, or check on something.  I was calm inside.  I could stand there as long as I wanted to, and actually I did.  I only took 84 shots, but it was that I could do it, and no one was calling me (well, except for when the clouds were rosy hued, and it appeared that there was a pair of hands extending down – my son called me 6 or 7 times, and while I was answering him, he didn’t respond.  So, I put down the camera, turned around just in time to see in my glasses the reflection of the largest bolt ever……and my son says “Mom !  Did you see those weird clouds ? They look like hands !  And that huge lightning bolt looked like it came right from the hands !!! Did you see it ???”   Gee thanks kid, I would have had it on the camera if you hadn’t been repetitively calling me for NO REASON AT ALL, right ????????  aghhhh. Oh well.  That is life, and this is how things happen, no matter how irritating that is.

Flowers on the shore near the sound 7/4/07

Flowers on the shore near the sound 7/4/07

I took this the afternoon of the 4th before all the people got there…….sweet peas of some sort ? 

It is still cool this morning, hopefully we are done being blasted at least for a few days !