Hail on July 31, 2009

Hail on July 31, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, in a short time, the temperature went from 101 degrees F to I think 60 degrees F.  Rain, thunder, lightning, and almost half inch hail !  They say it can snow any day of the year here, and I believe it.  What a show Mother Nature put on !  Once it seemed to clear, and the sun came out – I realized it was still trying to rain…..and in the front yard, through the trees, came rain, backlit by the sunshine……..golden rain.  Of course the camera had been “borrowed” by my son, and by the time I found it, the light had changed and the rain stopped.  It was very interesting and quite beautiful.  If I can get WordPress to cooperate, I will post a photo of the hail my son took later on…….. I spoke to my friend in the nearby town where we go to shop, and they didn’t have a drop !

Our neighbor came and took away the noisy sorrel mare.  This BETTER take care of the noise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG what a night for the other side of the property……..gak.  At least it wasn’t MY horses doing it !  Of course, mine are well behaved.  Actually I insist on that.  If something won’t behave, if it is unreliable, out the gate it goes.  Noise factor too.  I once had sister goats.  Nigerian dwarf girls, registered, loud white and cinnamon brown one was, the other was a million shades of grey and white splashes.  The grey one NEVER SHUT UP.  Sadly, the noise she made was beyond my ability to shut out.  It was terrible.  I sold her as a pet, that was when we lived in Central California.  I kept her sister until she passed a couple of years ago.  She was a darling goat, her name was Carly.  Oh well.

Dinner tonight with mom, forgot to buy the garlic cheese…….may have to make a run to town for that……..would be well worth it !

Enjoy your day !