We shall change that to…………. I hear horses in my sleep (and mom does too) and if we hear them again, it will be the last time they scream outside my mom’s bedroom window from 2 am till 5 am……….OMG.  I went outside twice, and nothing was wrong.  My horses were asleep.  The neighbors horses were having skirmishes amongst themselves, right up to the fenceline, which is just adjacent to mom’s room………  I yelled. I flapped at them.  I threw what rocks I could.  They would NOT leave.  There are five of them, and they have decided my horses are also their herd.  Too bad for them, my horses don’t care a bit !  From past experience when I have telephoned at night…… the neighbor’s telephone goes straight to answering machine……..so that would have done nothing to stop the noise.  I will call them shortly this morning, and hope they can put the horses somewhere else at night.  Aghhhhh.  While that would be MY best option (they have 300 + acres to use, we have just over 7 1/2) I doubt that anything will happen.  I am also not sure they will go away even upon reorganizing my goats and horses.  We shall see.  As it happens, I got the neighbor’s answering machine anyway.  Guess I will just have to see how things are in a few hours. 

Quick trip to town to drop off some important papers at two different agencies.  Just more stuff from the motorized hampster wheel of life.

The Puget Sound shoreline

The Puget Sound shoreline

In cooler times………100 there today ?  Susan posted on her blog that Barkis passed on going for a walk – no wonder why !

Stay cool all !