The early morning sunlight filters through the heat haze lifting from the earth.  The distant hills almost look smoky.  There is that hot look to the trees and the poor bushes that got chainsawed (trimmed) a couple of weeks ago are showing heat stress.  Poor things.   I feel like a kid on a long road trip,  but with a tweak “are we done with summer YET ???  Please ???”  I wish.

Yes, I know we were bitching about the cold……….It seems very long ago.  I apologize for the whining then, and reserve my right to whine now ~

The satellite repair fellow came this morning.  He replaced everything outside he could.  He decided I need a new receiver.  Oh how nice.  There would have been quite  a cost, but he asked them to waive it as this has been a very long standing problem………so I will pay for shipping only.  So, when eating my granola and fat free yogurt (my morning was out of order today) I turned on the dvr receiver.  Since it will be leaving soon, there are a few things I had recorded that I wanted to see.  While viewing something, the program download application showed up.  Huh ?  Then it’s status bar proceeded to move.  Huh ?  Thought it was dead ?  So, I check the program guide, and oh by the way, it is working now !  I still will switch receivers when the new one gets here, as this one obviously is an intermittent problem.  Very odd.  Oh, and I get Animal Planet now, which I have not seen in the daytime for years…………weird.  I just had lunch watching their program Meercat Manor……..which I had never seen until now.  Interesting, but meercats seem to be sort of the same as goats.  In fact I think aside from the fact they live in underground burrows, and goats live above ground, it could be shot using goat herds.  Hmmmm.

Well, back outside to work on things.  Need to be done yesterday, so gotta get to it !

Photo of weather from the past 🙂

Snow in February 2007

Snow in February 2007

Stay cool !