Last storms before summer

Last storms before summer

This heat is cooking my brain and making me more nuts than usual I fear.  I know I will get it all done, just wish this darn heat would give it a REST !!!!!! I am so done with the heat and my animals are too.  Everyone is hanging in there so far.  It is a constant worry.   Today, I went to an important meeting.  Now I have to have a correction made on a official document – and I don’t know if that is something I can manage to wrangle.  Anyone who knows me will knows I will do anything to get it done.  It is however very frustrating.  Also, my truck needs some work, and I can’t get to that until after next weekend.  So fun to be cruising along Riverside Drive and suddenly know the truck has turned itself off.  Power steering is great – until it isn’t working at all……….and for some reason, the surprise of the truck being dead all of a sudden overrules my brain – which should know that if I just slip it into neutral, I can restart it……….but nooooooooooo, I have to fight it to the curb.  Put it in park and restart it.  DUH !  To reward me for my effort, it decided not to restart, at least not for a few minutes.  This has been a wonderful truck, and I will appreciate it forever, as it had it’s chances to do me in – ( like driving it with the repair shop not diagnosing a broken tie rod !  and it didn’t wreck itself or us).  Good truck !  Nothing like a fire engine red Chevy.  Great truck !!!!!

Now if I could only drive it until it is fixed…………sigh

OMG there is such cool air coming in the window now, it about makes me swoon !!!!!  Thank heavens.  Off to bed……will post this in the am.

Now it is morning, and still lovely cool air coming in……..the extremes in temperature here are amazing.  There is perhaps six months of the year that I do not even open a window due to the cold.  Then there is this heat……….oh well.  At least it is not tornados or floods.  I know, each of us deals with different types of weather, and we just, well deal with it.  That does not mean we don’t bitch about it though.

Better get to it, still haven’t taken the time to figure out my mystery photo.  Perhaps later on.

Enjoy your day !