“Just because you CAN do something, does not mean you SHOULD”.

This is a point I would have done well to heed for a very long time.  I am in the process of doing just that – not taking on something else when I have so much on my plate already.

I won’t list what all I AM currently doing, as it would only show how very far from that idea above I was for far too long.  I can however list this stuff…….

I no longer take in baby birds or orphaned  goats.  I did take in 5 kittens this year, but then their mom was found, and that meant I didn’t bottle feed at all this year !

No new horses, with the exception of the miniature horse Napoleon.  He was very ill, along with his barnmate.  The owner’s favorite horse was ill too, and she needed to concentrate on her big horse.  Napoleon came home with me and is slated to be gelded soon.  While darling, he has no registration paperwork any longer, and the last thing people need to do is breed more horses.  There are far too many losing their homes with the economy in the toilet – and they can be found for free almost anywhere.  Give a horse that is homeless a chance instead of breeding more !

I don’t eat anything processed.  NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS !!! (OMG that stuff will kill you eventually, aside from making you obese !!! I know ~ it happened to me !!!!!! )  I have now lost enough weight that I am  guessing I am within 25 pounds of my high school weight.  Whoo hoo !  Once I get back to normal I will be so relieved ! Just as a FYI, I have no idea the number of pounds lost, scales have always been my undoing.  I figure eventually, once I get back to normal, I may weigh myself. I may not.  I truly don’t care.  I can tell you that I no longer rival a VW weight wise………I have gone from likely a size 20 ???  (don’t know for sure, as I only wore stretchy sweat pants then)  to a 12 and will be happy once I get back to normal.  To feel so much better is amazing. 

Which brings up another point.  With the population in America rapidly becoming the most overweight it has ever been in history (remember sideshows at the circus folks ???  You know, the one where the oddities of nature showed themselves ?  The two headed man ?  The fat lady ??????)

I have decided that since it happened to me – getting out of control with my weight – not realizing you are truly as big as you are………….until that moment of realization hits you right between the eyes……..that most of America does not realize the peril it is in.  A word to the wise, the fitter you are, the less fat you carry, the longer you will live !

As for myself, I am so thankful for each day I can get up and see the sunrise. 

A friend sent me this line at the close of his email and I have thought of it several times since I read it, so I will share.

 “Enjoy every breath of today !”

What exactly IS this ?

What exactly IS this ?

My mystery photo……..while sorting through digital files, I found this.  I am still at a loss.  I could say my camera went on a space shuttle mission and they took this out the window, but no………..obviously in winter, but what IS it anyway ?  Maybe when I see it posted it will ring a bell……….