I like the way things fit together.  Sometimes they are fun, or funny.  Not like “oh, that cloud looks like a fox smoking a pipe” type of humor, but one day it might be how things work out or look when finished.  Intended or not.  Sometimes it is simple things.  Like, being gifted an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Susan Wigg’s new book Lakeshore Christmas.  I have been a bit busy of late, and I have been working on this book since I got it.  It is the ONLY book I have found time to read in any form in months.  I love it.  Susan – it is wonderful!  Did I say I love this book ?  While it could  stand alone,  it is part of her Lakeshore Chronicles series.  When it comes out in the stores, run and buy it, and enjoy a great read !!!!!!!!  Back to being amused.  In the midst of all the paint scraping, fixing, melting in 100 + degrees, at the end of a very long day, I finally got inside to shower and fix/eat dinner.  I have a lovely old sleeping garment.  I think I bought it when I was pregnant with my son in 1990.  Some would call it a tie dyed tank top.  Some would not call it anything and throw it out (and that was when it was new !) I love it.  It is very long, it is very soft, and I love the colors.   Well, I had it on the bed, and had laid my book “Lakeshore Christmas” on it.  Here is a photo. 

Such colors !

Such colors !

I love these colors, and I laughed when I saw how very similar the color of the book and the color of the garment are……..comfort for the mind and the body as well 🙂

Yesterday, I brought some old watermelon that missed getting eaten at mom’s house.  I gave it to my chickens.  What a party they had ! A big chicken party ! Should have grabbed the camera – darn ! The smallest chicken ate the most melon I think – the Brownest Chicken in the World of course.   Such fun !

Hot again, looking forward to fall already.