Evening sky July 09

Evening sky July 09

It never will stop when we need to get off and catch our breath.  Or regroup.  Or just plain take a break………it is always changing, and we never know how it will change, or if we will like what it changes to.  **Sigh**

We work so hard to get ahead of the game.  Bills.  Obligations. Family.  Goals. Hopes and dreams.   A fellow I know of is pursuing his chance in the limelight.  He had his 15 minutes of fame, and is apparently on the road for more.  I wish him well – I do wonder if he is cut out for Hollywood – it is a dark difficult and often vicious arena.   For a person who is faithful and apparently fairly optimistic, I don’t quite see a good fit.  However, we have to follow what we see, and if it can be balanced with what we are comfortable with,  it may work well for him.  I hope he comes home without too many more emotional holes.

Forgot to shut the coop door last night.  Woke up just before six, went in the kitchen in time to see the Brownest Chicken puttering around outside.  They must have thought I lost my mind.  Thankfully no skunks or raccoons visited. 

The photo above is of the evening sky not long ago.  What caught my attention is the odd trail of clouds in the middle.  Pretty though.

Better get crackin’ we have another trip to town, then hopefully we can stay home until my appointment Monday !

Enjoy your day !