Yesterday was a day of many different types of news.  Some amazing, some well timed and one that was a shock.  My miniature horse Mae died suddenly.  She didn’t want to eat that morning, but was drinking.  She was her usual perky self.  I went to town and six hours later she was dead.  No sign of distress, just laid down and died.  She was a darling mini, mistreated by a previous owner it had taken years for her to believe she was safe and I was never going to raise a hand to her.  She had a clouded eye, some vision, but the orb was white with scarring.  I know some “person” not worth the skin they are housed in hit her in the face and hurt her badly.  That she ever got around to trusting me was a major coup.  Now my cute sweet mare is gone – preceeded in death by her young son who was born as a dwarf…….he was thrown into the deal when I got her.  Dwarfism is common in miniatures, and instead of helping him be comfortable, he was left in a pasture to fend for himself.  Very sad.  His legs were badly twisted, his feet had never been trimmed.  He was almost a year old when he came, and he was just not destined to live long.  I had to euthanize him almost two years ago, he was hurting all the time due to various problems.  Such a strong spirit he had, he came named Tibby, but I called him Mr.Tibbelwitz.  It fit him.  There  is always a piece of my heart that goes with them when they die.  Having the strength to do the right thing by the animal is what makes us human I believe.  I have taken in horses who were past that point, that needed to be euthanized and given an end to their pain – the owners say they “can’t stand to do that TO them”  Ha, those kind of  people are cowards and if they truly cared for their animals well being they would open their eyes and see the meaning of compassion vs suffering.  I was so sad to find Mae dead – and thankfully now our wonderful neighbors are bringing a backhoe to bury her.

Now it is after the burial – here is a photo of the backhoe.  It had just gone to the barn paddock to pick up Mae.  What a huge thing it is !  When digging with it’s bucket, it literally kneels in the dirt, it has stabilizers which spread out and it hunkers down.  I am always appreciative of these huge machines at work.  Especially since the hole they dug was big enough for two grand pianos standing on end.

The backhoe at work

The backhoe at work

Even more appreciative of the fact they came so quickly, as it has been hovering near 100 degrees the past days.  So, now it is done, the horses are looking at me with that knowing look.  The herd knows that one is gone.  The mares came and looked Mae over yesterday before I moved them to the next pen, sniffing and snuffling.  The little horse that lived with her called for her several times in the night then was quiet.  In the past, I have taken in very ill or damaged animals – this little mare was special to me.  Only a few days ago, I had told her that aside from my Thoroughbreds, I would keep her until her time was gone.  Little did I know it would be so soon.

Have to go get my truck from the repair shop, will get it fixed when I have a few dollars to put together.  Mom went solo to town today, a medical test was done and she is 100 % fine !!!!!!!  I was not worried, and I don’t think she was either.  We have wayyyyy too much going on to have yet one more thing pop up right now.  Still I am relieved, and grateful for the positive outcome.

Hope you are staying comfortable in your corner of the world – love that ice water !