I apologize for the gap in blogs.  When I wasn’t scraping paint, catching up with chores or sleeping…….no time !  But great news, the house is DONE being painted !  Only a small bit of touch up will be needed.  I even got my back door painted gray.  Whoo hoo !  It is funny how seemingly little things will be bothersome to a person and unnoticed by another.  Like the back door.  It looks like it had been thrown under a bus.  We replaced the window when we got here 7 years ago.  The caulking had since come loose, and there was a crack in it.  Lots of dings and dents.  Of course the door gets horrifically dirty, white does that.  So, my big thrill (aside of course from the fact the house looks fabulous !) is that the door is GRAY now !  To be rid of the horrible green paint, and detail the house  differently, is a blessing.  To look out my window to the lilac trees and not be seeing the GREEN  windowframe now………..bliss I tell you !  Aaaahhhhhh.  Now once my body gets over  the abuse I inflicted on it  the last three days, I will be good for the next project.  I went through three pairs of cotton gardening gloves and the skin is worn off my fingers in places anyways……..Today is off to town, have several things to get done and pick up.

Complete ! Now for landscaping !

Complete ! Now for landscaping !

Our little house finally looks like I wanted it to back when we moved in 7 years ago !  Now to finish the inside, and I will be soooooo happy ! I will get a better photo of the color of the trim later on.  This was all I could manage last night !

What a couple of weeks we have had.  I am ready for a good day resting and shopping for essentials then get to the rest of it.

Still horribly hot, will be for the next week or so.  We are doing very well with the box fans though – suck in all the cold air in the am, then shut the house up until the heat dims around dinner time…….even if dinner time is set back to 8 pm.

Enjoy your day, and stay cool !