Is change.

We go to bed, and believe that life will be the same upon waking.  Usually it is, but sometimes it is not.  Our own lives change like that, and so do those in the celeb set. So many high profile people have passed in the last few weeks.  Michael Jackson is STILL everywhere, even in death topping the charts.  No fewer than 8 magazines have him on the cover.  Of course there are Rolling Stone and Time commemorative magazines as well.  Gak. It took a while for me to wake up and not have the Thriller soundtrack stuck permanently on in my subconscious.  Or Billy Jean. 


 A few nights ago, when my nocturnal son was up, I was awakened to the title track from the movie “Free Willie”.  My fault,  I had asked him if he had seen any of Michael’s videos…….thanks YouTube !  So, we heard that six or seven times.  When I quizzed him about it today, he said  “did you realize that MJ was crying at the end of that song ?”……….can’t say as I did.  Can’t say I ever saw THAT video actually.  But the tears ?  Real.  The man had a heart for the whole world, and the plight of Kiko the Orca was a hard one for everyone who cares about how animals are treated.  Michael Jackson  said he never sings a song if he does not feel it.  I have always believed that. No matter how he died, he is still gone – I only hope that the children are taken care of the best they can be since they lost him.

Today we are off to the vet first, taking the kitten that mom got for her birthday in to be spayed.  Then to get xrays of mom’s back in preperation for her back doctor checkup in a few days.  She is becoming the Bionic Mom – titanium galore !  Who cares as long as the end result is to make her life better and more pain free.

Today is the start of a warming trend apparently, may be 93 here today.  Could be 100 on the weekend.  We shall see.  I hope you are not melting wherever you are, if you can please leave a comment, let me know where in the world are you reading this from ?

Have a good day !