being overwhelmed.

How does one do it ?  I am still looking to be better grounded, centered.  I am better now than I was this morning, but still not happy with myself. 

A week ago almost, a crew of men came and cleared the yard.  The roof of the laundry room needed help.  It was fixed without too much problem.  Got the lawn tractor running (still have to drain the old gasoline and get a fuse, and maybe a new vacuum advance line.  Have to see how it runs once I do the two things above).  The trees of death were trimmed.  The house was power washed.

Did I mention the house was power washed ? Oh yes, I did.  OMG OMG OMG.  To clean up from that has been the most exhausting thing I have done in a very long time.  Of course it had to be cleaned up.  My chickens have the run of the yard, they are my pets.  They also give fine eggs.  Which is only part of the reason I didn’t want them scarfing up all the latex/lead paint chips.  I can tell you that eggs won’t be eaten by humans here for quite some time.  I can only pray that the chickens won’t get sick.  Of course the other way to have done it was going to be too labor intensive (for whom, now I am wondering……..)  Scraping paint off, which would have made a mess yes, but tarps could have caught the mess.  Oh well, I didn’t have a say in this.  I will however not let that happen again when the house is prepped.  TARPS people, TARPS !!!!!!  I am very grateful, I am so glad that this is underway. It was just such a shock,  to suddenly have this going on with no time to prepare, because no one knew it was going to happen until it did.  I think we are going to be able to paint the trim something different than the electric grass green that is on it now.  Thank heavens !  I like the idea of painting the door too, but it is a metal door.  Don’t know what is involved with that.  We do know a guy who does paint cars, so maybe I can arrange that with him.  It would  be nice !

So, after an early lunch of cold bbq chicken pizza, I am off to let my live chickens out.   Oh yes, and just because I am special (ha!), and I never have anything else to worry about, the fostered kittens ?  Oh, they all have ringworm.  Just “ta da !!! RINGWORM !!”  Oh brother.  We fostered one with that 4 months ago, but not in the same area.  Just lucky I suppose.  Never had it here on anything before.  They will have just enough time to get well and go to the shelter to be adopted out before we have to leave for our trip.  Another brain bender is that the wild cat, Kona, who is not doing too well, and suddenly it hit me.  How on earth is she going to be fed ?  She only comes out when she hears me……..I just don’t know.

So, while trying hard not to be overwhelmed, last night I slept.  Not soundly, but got some rest for once, at least when my brain would shut up and let me. I usually sleep with the television on for a while, I leave the timer function set to shut off after an hour usually.  Ok, forgot that.  Which leads to the upset feeling I awoke with, knowing I knew the voice talking.  I was sad when I woke, and now I know that our subconscious stores everything, emotions galore……….I got turned over and glasses on.  It was Steve Irwin, the Crocodile hunter on the tube.  ????????????  Oh, it was his daughter’s show, and he and his wife were featured on it as well.  This whole last week plus, I have felt bit of a hole in the universe since Michael Jackson died.  I kept thinking who was it I felt the loss of like that ? Not family, but a person of high profile ?  Of course, Steve Irwin.  That was unbelievable, to lose him so young.  He was a big deal to my son when he was young, and it was his passing I was recalling too.  Then I wake up with him chatting in the middle of the night.  No wonder I am off my game to day.  I am inside at 10:40 am typing when I need to be tending things outside.  At least it is somewhat cool, there are clouds, and while they are moving a lot, it is giving nice shade too .

A lot of rambling for today, I will have to find a gorgeous photo for you to make up for it.  Here it is.

August sunset 2008

August sunset 2008