When I was younger, time crept by.  Holidays were an eternity away.  Another birthday ?  Still 6 months away ? How could that be ? 

Fast forward thirty years.  OMG.  Wasn’t Christmas just last month ? What do you mean it is more than halfway through 2009 ????? How does this HAPPEN ???????????????? :  I have absolutely no idea.

People I worked with at the best time of my life are dropping like flies.  The best racehorses I worked with are long dead, and horses can live 30 years !  My son is going to turn 18 on Monday.  Only yesterday it seems was I waddling around with my hips shot and huge baby belly……..now he looks down at me literally, being a head taller  at least.  O-M-G !

I know, this is nothing new, it happens to every one of us I think.  **Shakes head**  So much to do, how do we get it all done ? 

In horse racing, there is an old saying.  “No trainer dies with a new crop of two year olds in the barn”.  I hope that is true for real, but I fear that won’t save my old employer.  There is a rumor afoot, that Bobby Frankel has lymphoma.  He has not been seen at the track for weeks now, and has handed some top class (like Breeder’s Cup bound) horses to other trainers.  No official word from  his camp, he is a stubborn, private but in your face kind of guy.  He NEVER misses a day at the barn. EVER.  So, this must be serious.  I mean he didn’t take off the day of his wedding, and I have never known him to take a vacation.  Here’s prayers for you Bobby, get well soon !

The birds are returning to the lilac trees.  After the power washing of the house, there were no birds until yesterday…….poor things ! 

Another not scorching day, have lots to do outside, better get to it !