It is amazing to me how much of what goes on in my head when I am sleeping finds it’s way into my wakeful time.  Of course there are several books I am writing………which for some reason don’t seem to get mixed up together  (for which I am grateful).  There are worries about the usual, money, friends, everyone’s health situation.  Mom’s back healing and how she is rebounding.  Our upcoming vacation.  Juggling the remaining critters, finding time to take the two ponies to their new home…… knowing that people will once again come and work on the house, prepping it for paint, then the actual painting itself.  As oftentimes I do, the previous lines I wrote late last night.  This morning, I find that I had several of those all consuming dreams that leave one totally disconnected and confused.  Who was that person ?  Do I know her ? Him ?  OMG………

I heard a terrible cat fight last night.  The wild disabled cat Kona had finally decided she could come home.  Now I fear that other wild cat that has been in and out of here chased her off again.  I went outside, but in between being very drowsy, having fallen asleep with slipper socks on my feet (which I found made getting into my boots impossible) the cats were gone by the time  I got outside.  I walked all over calling her, but saw no signs anywhere, not even a puff of cat fur.  Very irritating.  She is a sweet cat, and obviously hurts, limping always, dragging a hind leg or carrying it usually.  Poor girl.  I hope I see her this morning………that it was some other cats I heard. I will have to trap the nasty one and take it to the shelter.

Not sure what all is on the schedule for today, should find some coffee.  That usually helps !