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It is with heavy heart that I report on the loss of Hollywood Park Racetrack in Inglewood, California. The “track of the lakes and flowers” has been given it’s final blow.  This update is  from the website.   Currently racing their 71st and sadly, unless something happens, the last season.  I met so many good people there……so many incredible  memories.  I am sad I will never be able to show my son this track – it will leave a huge hole in California thoroughbred racing.





July 8, 2009: Inglewood City Council approved all zoning changes, the Hollywood Park Specific Plan, and the Development Agreement. Hollywood Park Land Company has been given the entitlements they sought, and now have total control of the property.

It is a tremendous loss for the racing community, for both racing dates and training.  Hundreds of horses are stabled and train there during the “off” season, shipping either over to Santa Anita in Arcadia, or Del Mar down south to run, then returning to their home base.  Who knows what will be the situation for racing in another ten years.  I was fortunate to participate in it’s heyday.  Before drugs became commonplace,  when the basis of a horses ability came from a solid training schedule.  Those days are gone, as well as the tough horses from that time.  I just hope it does not get torn down and left to rust and rot, as has happened to another beautiful track, Bay Meadows Racetrack in San Mateo in the San Francisco Bay area.  Piles of rubble.  No development, lost racing dates, thousands of lost jobs.  Another big loss.


Well, I am off to pick up more paint chips and finish up some things before we go on to the next project.   That is unless my friend calls me to accompany her to the doctor to hear the results of a scary test.  She should not drive there, as upset as she is.  We shall see how this plays out.  It is always something.