I think we can all relate to the idea of being picked up by a tornado, whirled around until you don’t know which way is up, then being set back down, in a different place.  Different look……..different everything.  That is how I feel today.

Yesterday, the fellows who came to spruce up the place first were going to weed whack and pick up and take away the remains of the branches that fell from the big trees.  Which turned into ground level, then on pickup truck bed level tree trimming.  With both a chain saw and pole saws.  OMG now I can safely park in my driveway.  Nice.  Then it progressed from “look at the paint on house, the roof over laundry room”.  Which in short order brought a pressure washer forth, plus a man who did it for a living before working up here at the prison.  Now house stands partly bare, partly wood, drying for 2 or 3 days.  Then the men will descend again, and prep the house for paint.  The power washer fellow also owns a sprayer to paint the house.  OMG  …….the power wash also set up a whole other thing – paint chips.  Are they truly all latex ? or is it some lead as well ? My chickens are allowed to come to the house, and nestle in dusting bowls they made under the lilac trees.  I know chickens, and they will eat those chips.  So, much to the men’s dismay, they had to rake them up as best they could and cart them off to the dump along with all the other green waste…..grass, limbs, leaves.  Whew.  The fellow who did the wash came today again,  inspecting the house the day after.  We see the house had apparently been stained with a dark stain on the lovely wood siding for most of it’s lifetime.  Then it was painted a lovely butter yellow with white trim (my choice) then painted again white with glaring green trim.  Due to time constraints and labor, the house will be repainted white again, with more green trim.  Whatever, as long as it protects the house and it looks good again.  I was outside from 7:20 am until after 9 pm last night.  I fell asleep in one position, and awoke in the same place.  Took some ibuprofen and slept for another 2 hours.  Gak.  There was so much done that I am still reeling.

Off to check the post office, our friend Susan Wiggs has sent an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of her new Lakeshore Chronicles book, Lakeside Christmas.  Carol got her copy today and had to call and tell me to check if mine came yet.  Heehee !  Now if only my hands could hold a book for any length of time………having RA really sucks sometimes.  Grr.  Actually is is a boon for me in that way, the ARC is a paperback, and when the actual release is done, it will be in hardback.  More difficult to hold……..love paperbacks !

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather !