Hmmm.  Well, for several reasons,  I truly believed yesterday was Friday.  I know, today is Friday.  But yesterday was too.  We went to town for our weeks shopping, opting to go on Thursday and miss the lake bound people in town before the 4th of July.  Joke was on us, as everyone else apparently thought the same thing.  Then, due to needing to pick up a prescription, we went again today.  We saw a number of people we don’t usually see, which was nice.  Splurged on deli sandwiches from Safeway and since I was really dragging, a mocha frappachino with an add shot for me..iced hot chocolate for mom.  Nice picnic !

The goats are chowing down the 4 acres of grasses in back, and so I am not having to feed them……..and my horses are doing well, loving their freshly cut alfalfa grass hay.  Locally grown, just about 5 miles from here, what a great thing.  Delivered right to the barn.  Another blessing.  One year, I got a truck and trailer load of hay. Seven haystacks.  A total of 26 tons, which is roughly 16 bales to the ton.  Each and every bale was climbed up for, knocked down and carted away in my trusty cart.  Or in winter, dragged away on my trusty (albeit it has some holes worn in it) sled.  Each and every bale moved by ME. Whew. 

 Anyone need a lovely kitten ?  I have five I have been fostering and they are now roughly 9 weeks old.  One Siamese, two short haired black and two long haired black.  Cute cute cute !  Good babies.  They will go back to the shelter this next week, and get adopted out. 

I was awakened no less than 6 times last night, my son is being loudly nocturnal right now, and I am not happy.  I don’t care if he is quiet, but he wasn’t.  I gave up and bought a bottle of peppermint schnapps.  NOW I know I will get the rest I need.  Oh well, life goes on.

Getting ready for evening chores and 4th of July tomorrow. Cooling off a bit here, which is so nice………