This stuff is tall, tough, stringy and it is impossible to cut it with a push lawnmower (the human powered variety).  Which is why farmers don’t use sickles any longer and have large air conditioned hay cutting machines ! We have huge quantities  of rye everywhere here, lining the roads, lots of places it never was before a couple of years ago.  The source ?  Our neighbors who farm about 300 acres had just broadcast rye seed for the next season.  Then the biggest windstorms of all time hit, and we could see great huge clouds of dirt (and presumable rye seed) going miles away.  Yes, we obviously got our share too.  My son, who decided to use the pushmower, toodled past my window calling out “Mom !”……..aghhh,  what ?  “Mom, I am going to use this tiller to cut the grass !”  Tiller ? What ?  I look outside, and he asks ME  “Mom, do you know what this is ?”  I look out and duh, he has my push lawnmower that I have had for 7 years.  I recently took it out and sharpened the blades, and hacked down the front grass (before the rye took over).  Yes, I know what it is, and I told him.  A tiller ?  Most amazing……..he is so funny.  Our whole family line is interesting, he was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome but is more likely another part of the autism spectrum disorder class.  I am too, my sister is just like my son, my father was the word dysfunctional aside from being brilliant – oh heck, we are all brilliant in our own ways !!!  So, we think in terms not usually associated with normal ways or things.  Of course I think of it as always looking outside the box for answers.  Which is why I am the way I am-partly at least.

While I expected a hay delivery yesterday, it hadn’t arrived by dark, so my son closed the main gates.  I was awakened before dawn with some loud noise, which sounded much like a lot of chain link being moved.  Which is odd, and I don’t have chain link aside from an old dog run, where I have our fainting goat buck, our pet O’Malley and my lone LaMancha buck Mysterious.  No animal noises at all though, and I finally went back to sleep.  Overslept of course. At 6:30 or so, I hear the pet sheep Buttercup going off, then my collie finally manages to bark twice.  Hmm. I get upright, and look out, and there is my hay guy backed into the barn.  Ahhhhh.  I went out and kibitzed with him, and his little brother, and they finished unloading and  left.  I came back inside and now it is late, 8:15 and I have to get a move on.  Lots to do, more pages to rewrite.  Lots of amazing opportunity on the horizon for me……..more things to be thankful for ! Enjoy your day !