Seriously, if they don’t keep things out, what good are they ???  I have decided in the last few weeks, that the actual function of window screens is to keep BIRDS out.  I have never seen so many gnats, or tiny flies in my entire life !  This is ridiculous………..even things that are seemingly too big to get in ARE  in.  My favorite (not !) are the insects known apparently as “no-see-ums”.  I have never lived where these things live.  If I had, I never would have opted to move here !!!!!!!  The no-see-ums, which I am sure have a real name somewhere, are tiny, they look like a very small splinter of wood.  Did I mention that they bite ?  Indeed.  They don’t just take a nip, they BITE and they hurt !  I have even found pinpricks of blood where these infuriating things have eaten a hole on me.  Bad bugs.  We have industrial sized horseflies here too.  I killed one that was on my poor mare’s back,  it was perhaps an inch and a half long !  I wear a very old dirty baseball cap, that was once bright orange.  It has a leather band in back, and a brass buckle.  I hit that fly on my mare, telling her to stand still, and bless her heart she did stay still, even when I whacked her (and killed the fly).  I know she was relieved, when I see those things on my horses it is all I can do to sneak up on them quickly and kill those flies.  Terrible things.  I got bitten by one last year, and it HURT like crazy !  I have been stung by a variety of things, wasp, bee, bumble bee, bitten by garter snakes, parrots, parakeets (those cute little  things can be mean and they bite and once they have you in their beak, they scissor back and forth like they want a piece of you to keep ! – OUCH !)  …oh yes, cats, dogs, horses, goats, sheep, a rooster……….and I am sure other things I have long forgotten about.  Of course if you live long enough, most anything could get you, and eventually, come to think of it, DOES 🙂

Stay cool !