Now what were we thinking ?  The seasons here are too jarring for me.  We begin the year in winter, which lasts roughly until May.  Then we have late winter, which screws up all the poor flowering trees (yes lilacs) and confuses the animals.  We have had at times through the last 7 years a brief bit of what may be put in the rotation as spring, but not really.  Now it is summer. Period, end of negotiations.  90 degrees plus this week, in the low 50’s at night.  That is the one saving point here, that it cools off at night.  Down south, in the Los Angeles area, it does NOT cool off, and if it does at all, it doesn’t cool off much.  Horrid.  Air conditioning units going 24/7.  Or living with 4 window box fans at full speed…….like living in a helicopter.  No wonder the power grid suffers so much in extreme weather.

Several updates, jockey Rene Douglas, who was critically injured in a spill some time ago is getting over a bout with pneumonia.  He will be returning to rehab soon.  He still has no feeling from his chest down, but no one is giving up hope yet.

La Villa Rouge, the dam of Barbaro, is tentatively confirmed to be carrying a filly full sibling to the late Kentucky Derby winner.  She has produced 6 male foals, so this would be an amazing thing to have a filly join the family.  She is only at 62 days pregnant, due next year.

Off to collect a couple of bales of hay, so better get busy, have a great day all !