At least animals in MY world.  I have had a three legged cat for a while.  I have known several three legged dogs.  One eyed horses, a horse with a prosthetic leg my farrier cared for.  I have a one winged miniature hen.  One of my favorite critters was the first standard dairy goat kid I was given.  She was born to a yearling first freshner doe, and was the largest one of triplets.  She was born with a condition called anklyosis, which means there are no joints in the limbs, only all hard bone.  This is Claire.



When we got Claire, I didn’t have a doe in milk to feed her, and I wanted to give her goat milk vs the kid milk replacer.  The same gal that gave me Claire found a doe that needed a home, which is how Sunflower joined the family.  I would milk Sunflower, and bottle feed Claire.  When we got her, she was so small, she was unable to reach Sunflower’s udder.  Once she was growing and able to stand up on those poor crooked legs of hers, I decided to see if Sunflower would let the baby nurse.  She did.  I began to leave Claire with her on the grass while I did a few chores nearby.  I would tall Sunflower to babysit Claire….and she did.  Unless it was feeding time, Claire lived in a mesh playpen.  One day I had Sunflower loose, and Claire in the playpen.  This is what I found when I came back outside.

Sunflower in Claire's playpen

 Sunflower had decided that was HER baby, and from then on they lived together.  Nature is an amazing thing, and I am blessed each day to see things that if I lived in a city (HORRORS !) that I would not be privy to.

Another hot day on the way, stay cool !