Tweeting ? Notsomuch, honking yes :)

White peacocks.....Tweeting ? No, honking yes 🙂

People have asked me if I use Twitter – and yes, I do, in a very limited way.  I find it has kept me informed on several topics, that otherwise I likely would not have known about in such a “real time” way.  I find that some people who tweet interesting things don’t put those things on their blogs either.  Which makes it difficult to say “hey mom, go to Susan’s blog today and see how she and Elizabeth were done up for author photos !” because it came in on Twitter (here is the link now )  Susan’s tweet said “WhiteElizabeth & I got glammed up for our author photo. She’s loving it; me, notsomuch”.  Cute !   Susan is a world famous top class author of many published books and she will be writing a book with her daughter about the wedding process.  Elizabeth is getting married in July you see 🙂 and has a wonderful blog (the link above links to her blog).

I follow 16 people, mostly authors (some of whom I email with regularly anyway) and entertainment folk.  I have been following Elizabeth Taylor, and was terribly concerned when Michael Jackson died so suddenly.  There was no word from her (you know, the wonderful media – oh your best friend/lover/wife/child is dead.  How do you FEEL now?? questions.  Her rep said when they got words from her they would release them.   The next day, Liz was Tweeting, so sad, but Tweeting all the same.  I found that somewhat comforting.  I think that Twitter will be here to stay……….

Also, in my quest for getting back to being me – I had emailed a man who I do not know, and he replied and we will meet and talk at a future date.  Sometimes we have to reach outside the box or out of our normal zone to find answers or help, and we have to DO IT instead of floundering.  I believe he can help me, if only to get me thinking in a different direction. We shall see.  Life is a collection of so many things – and I am so enjoying things now !

Enjoy the day folks, and stay cool !