Yesterday was a physically tough one.  Of the pets left here, there are two sheep and a few miniature goats.  One is mom’s sheep Buttercup, a Romney Barbados cross ewe.  The other is a wethered Barbados sheep named Pumpkin.  Neither lead.  Each one weighs perhaps 150 lbs each.  They are aminable to being herded from place to place, but this year they are going in the far back of the property, which meant I had to lead them over there, perhaps 200 feet total.  So, I got two nylon collars, some hay tie and my stud chain leather lead  shank that I used when I worked at the racetrack so I had something solid to hold onto.  Got them collared and tied together (learned that on two other sheep I led, much easier).  We did have a few forward walking steps.  One total backflip and crash (Pumpkin always does this- well all three times I have had to lead him anywhere that is) One lie down and pretend I am dead (that was Buttercup, not me).  I had thought I would have Audrey lead them over, she is our oldest pet goat now.  She however was not of a mind to leave “home” and had a fit, got tangled up in the leads and before tragedy struck, I decided to deal with her the next time I was up for it- so I put her back and left her there and went off to drag the sheep to their new place.  There are only six others (goats)  that I will move in the back.  I have two pygora goats who need to be sheared (??? again ???? already ???? OMG !!!)  I don’t want them to get stuck to any buckbrush shrubs in this heat.  Whew.  Last night my arms laughed at me, and I am just barely comfortable typing now.  Got the morning stuff done,  and am back inside  with my cup of decaf.  Now that I am done bitching, I had moved on to look up the photographer I knew back in the early 1980’s.  Found a link to a site that has an interview with him, but can’t make it load and play, still messing with it.  Gak, perhaps later on.  It is an interview with Sam Emerson, Michael Jackson’s photographer after his passing was announced.  Tired enough of the sadness, and it has been good to see the music and videos being played (and replayed) the last few days.  Such a talented man he was.

Taking mom to a gathering tonight, want to eat and get some rest, then move a few little goats over to the back.   Supposed to be hot today, we shall see !