A person died just now.  A wonderfully amazingly talented singer songwriter dancer…….I know, lots of people die each day.   However, this person was known to me by a kind of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon sort of way.  Sitting here, looking outside, it is bright, the leaves are gold in the shimmering sunlight of early summer and are barely moving in the breeze.  Nothing sounds different, the cars and semis still zooming by.  Birds cheeping.  But the world has become a lot quieter now, Michael Jackson has left our planet.  He aged while in the public eye.   Not grew up, just grew older.  The adults he met always wanted something from him.  As an adult himself, he surrounded himself with those who didn’t want something, kids who were just joyful and at peace and non judgemental.  He helped people, funded causes.  I knew his photographer and his son when I was perhaps 20.  Michael was a very giving man, but he never figured out how to be an adult, not with relationships, not with finances, not with the public.  He adored his children, whom he raised himself, by design.  He had many many friends in the industry, all whom stood behind him when he was accused of being inapporpriate with children…….they knew him.  They loved him.  I still smile each time I hear one of his songs – especially Billy Jean or the title cut from the Thriller album.  In recent years, his health was not good, and today, well today his body called it quits.  At 50 Michael Jackson died, leaving three children and a whole world full of fans music and memories.  Rest in peace Michael, you richly deserve it.