My trusty cart

My trusty cart

I have had this cart since about 1992.  Best type of cart in the world.  I can move a bale of hay broken down into flakes.  I can move an intact bale with ease.  I have even moved two bales at a time with it.  I however don’t do that any longer, as a concession to my broken neck, and besides that I don’t need to deal with two bales of hay in any one place at any one time any longer.  I have moved everything you could possibly imagine with that cart.  It is actually an extension of my arms.  I could push it in the dark through a mine field in a snowstorm and not hit anything.  I cannot work without it.  One day perhaps 2 years ago on New Years day, I was feeding.  I dropped a bale of hay off a high stack, and it bounced…..and I mean BOUNCED.  Not a problem usually, but this day, it bounced, and it made a direct hit on my carts plastic wheel.  Totally destroyed it.  I was DISTRAUGHT to say the least.  I felt like my arm had fallen off, I could not imagine life without my cart………I finally did find replacement wheels, and bought a new pair for it.  I think the cart was made in perhaps the early 1980’s, so that the wheels would have aged and were very brittle was not strange………but oh my ! 

So, in world news, Iran is getting uglier, we are still losing our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and Jon and Kate are getting divorced.  Big surprise there, 8 children and a reality TV show crew filming too much of their lives for what, five years ???? No wonder.  On one hand I feel bad for the family, but what I do lament is what this has set up for the kids down the road.  So, Kate apparently wants to have the show go on.  Hmmmmm.  Once again, poor kids.  That is all I should say on that subject.

I happily finished moving livestock panels yesterday and moved the old dairy goats to the 4 acres at the back of the property.  Now they can graze down the grasses there and the fire danger will be gone.  Some more weed whacking and we will be good to go.   Yeah !

Enjoy your day, I am on a quest to balance work with R/A today……..