It has always interested me that when in the same place, people remember things differently, kind of like when a story is told to one person, then on to nine different folks, by the time it gets to person number ten, the story has changed completely.  Perception, attention, interest, sight, hearing, and of course memory.  When I have recounted something, I have been told “no, that isn’t the way it happened, sounded, smelled etc”.  Is it a faulty memory on the recounters end ?  Is it in the recording mechanism (memory banks ?)

I do not think so.  At an event each and every person will bring away something that is unique to that person.  Even in everyday life, some sound may dominate the whole scene………be it a semi truck passing by, a sheep calling relentlessly for breakfast, a dog barking.  Maybe the sound of the neighbors diesel truck warming up drives you bonkers.  Or the high pitched whirr of a weed whacker down the street – or maybe only when it hits rocks. 

Thunderheads on June 20th

Thunderheads on June 20th

We are all keyed to recall.  Just what we recall  is what varies so greatly and I think that is what makes up the tapestry of our lives.  Like anything, if we all recalled the exact same details, how boring would that be ?

Off to move goats, enjoy the day on this second day of summer !