photo credit Robert Visconti

Who knew that the big birds on the endangered species list, the greater Sandhill crane is a next door neighbor of ours ?  There is  a wildlife reserve about 4 miles down the road, and my son and I went and visited there.  Nothing much there actually, which is part of the charm of it.  It is rather funny to think that we drove about 10 miles around in the reserve, saw 2 lizards, 2 scorpions, and 2 greater Sandhill cranes.  They got bothered at our approach, so we turned around and left, but not until they had walked through the buckbrush, and flew away.  Magnificent birds.

photo Robert Visconti……..flock of Sandhill cranes.  NOW I know what those huge birds flying overhead are !  They make an interesting metallic sound, not a honk, not anything I can put into words.  Beautiful things, I am so happy to know what they are and that we have the opportunity to see them so close by.

Happy Father’s Day to those of you who have Fathers in their lives still.  My Pop has been gone 9 years, and my husband 5, we miss them so much still.

Hug your family close and enjoy the day !