and you don’t know who to call  (no I am not talking about Ghostbusters).

(Bill Murray in his Ghostbusters finery 🙂

  I know that most of us Internet savvy folk use Google  or a number of other search engines for researching things.  I however took a different step last night and wrote to a man I do not know.  I will report back if I get a response 🙂  I have never been daunted by a persons “status”.  I know a number of either well off or well known folks, and neither circumstance can make a person a good one if they aren’t from the get go.  People in the public eye today are under a lot of scrutiny, and I would not want to be in any one of their shoes…….they have my sympathy actually.  Paparazzi were not rabid twenty five years ago like they are now – and I know it is a whole other thought process to live under that sort of a microscope.

Personally, I like living where no one knows my name usually – but I am bored to tears living in the high desert where buckbrush and deer outnumber the number of people……which leads to not much to do entertainment wise, or not much in the way of shopping……hey we do have a Safeway, a WalMart, and two movie theaters.  The bowling alley that had been here since they tied horses up to hitching post has been completely redone.  Good food for a good price too I am told.  Going to have to take mom there when she is ready.  I suppose that is why moving has such intense appeal.  Port Orchard WA is beautiful, has shopping, has Seattle across the sound, and we have friends not too far from there.  Things are improving, I actually won a raffle.  And this was not just any raffle, but a raffle that gives me more hope than ever for how the future will look.  More on that in another blog.

Going to move a few livestock panels, section off the miniature horse Napolean, so my goats can eat the weeds in his paddock.  Horses don’t like skeleton weed (a member of the mustard family) and the goats love it.  Less hay to feed that way.  Plus they will be a bit closer to the 4 acres behind mom’s house where they are moving to as soon as I get my horses moved. Ah rambling on……more thunderstorms on the way……..