Thunder at dusk

Thunder at dusk

I am not a person who tends to favor leaving home.  I will go and do errands, pick up provisions.  However generally,  home is where I want to be.  Having my mom in the rehab for her back though, things changed.  Driving to the big city every other day, keeping up with chores here and finding time to think……..well, it was a stretch.  But now that she is home, and doing fabulously, I can get back to “normal”, whatever that is.  Today became the catch all day.  When one has animals, I have discovered that things will go wonky all of a sudden, with no notice usually.  A fence line that was tight, and safe now has been torn down from a horse leaning on it to get the grass on the other side.  Water buckets crack mysteriously and leak, which is why I always check them every feeding.  Bucket failure is a BAD thing – and while I have not lost any animals due to that, I know people who have, especially as the weather heats up.   There are places I am behind on fixing or cleaning or something, but all in all we are looking good. 

Safe travel (and a safe ride)  to Carol and Herb, see Carol’s blog under my blogroll, the fromthecoastland blog.  Carol tells a bit about it in the last few posts. 

I am beginning to think that I have located my brain – at least I hope so.  There are some big projects to be done, then I can get back to writing.

84 degrees here, some clouds, thunderstorms forecast for the area (again)…seems we have had a lot of that of late.

The photo above is taken of our old horse Thunder,  from far away, and when I cropped it, it looked almost Monet like.  Interesting !

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the day !