Google tells me that a single yellow rose means happiness and love.  Here are a few for you folks who take their time to read my blog…..


I have to enjoy other folks gardens that contain roses.  We live in the desert, and while roses will grow climate wise,  the deer make sure we don’t get to see them grow to producing flowers.  Today I got to thinking of how many things are replicated – from their usual forms……..we see a rose, and take a photograph.  We smell the fragrance.  We may even prick our finger on a thorn.  All memories to take with us.  I still miss the huge pink rosebushes of my childhood home.  Beautiful and big thorns……….but they were so lovely.

I went to WalMart today.  More essentials needed you know.  I made the error of going through the garden section.  WalMart had several things that I would have bought in a second had I the extra cash………a large resin frog, big enough to sit on.  I didn’t dare look to see if they were marked down.  It is June, right ?  Summer just started ?  Here in the sticks, they are marking down summer things………surprised that the bathing suits aren’t on sale yet.  I bet they will be by the end of the month though.  Back to the garden dept though.  They stock a beautiful fountain, it is almost modern, with a small bird providing the stream of water to the basin.  I like it and I don’t for some reason.  Maybe because as cute as it is, I can either think of it as a drowning bird, or a projectile style fountain.  Hmmm.  It was $148.00 and it is on sale for $ 75 now.  They have porch chairs, large rockers for sale, that are not on sale yet……  I have never thought much either way about black, but I know of a gal who sells reclaimed (used you know) furniture, and is a professional painter……she sells black tables, other colors too.  But it was the black dining table that got me thinking outside the natural oak realm.  Oh well. 

I weed whacked a bit more last night, and am just convincing my left arm (dominant one due to the broken neck concession) that it can help type.  Oh to be 20 years younger with the age related wisdom I have now !

Carol, I never tire of your great comments !  I owe emails and I will get to it hopefully by tonight.  I hate being behind.

Mom will come home tomorrow WHOOO HOOOOOOOO !!!!!!  She is doing great, and is a lot stronger than when she went in for the first surgery.  The rehabilitation center is wonderful.  I never had occasion to be in one of these……..had only been into long term care facilities.  My husband would have done well at this one…….but he was never given the option as he was dying – but darn it he would have liked it anyway.  Poor man………..

Better get to the inside stuff here, got mom’s house ready for her earlier.

Enjoy your day or what is left of it !