If I lived closer to town and was relatively sure that there is a lemon meringue pie there to be bought I would go get it.  Actually better than that would be one piece of a lemon meringue pie.  No need for a whole pie.  No one else here would eat it.  Well, the chicky ladies would, and mom might if she were home from the rehabilitation center (recovering from back surgery), so there you have it.  No pie. Or even a piece of pie.  **Sighs again**.  That is ok, I don’t need it.  I have found that since reclaiming my life,  getting rid of eating processed foods and losing weight, there have been a few things I have craved.  Not much actually.  Hmmmm.  Perhaps not.  Not until this pie craving came along a couple of weeks ago.  When in the big city visiting my mom while in physical therapy, I go right past a Marie Callenders (sp?).  Had I ever thought about stopping and buying one piece ?  Nope.  While my main claim to fame in life is baking, I have not made many lemon meringue pies.  Of course I could, but then again, what would I do with the rest of a pie ?  Such a dilemma.  Besides which, I won’t even eat the crust.

 That’s ok, have to go do chores still anyway…..hope your Sunday has been fun or restful, whatever you needed !