Lilacs up close 09

Lilacs up close 09

When summer clomps down on us,  it will be photographs like the one above that gives me a bit of relief .  To have things like the lilacs to look at……..and enjoy all over again soothes the soul. 

Funny, when I was in town yesterday, I noticed that there was some window lettering for an insurance company.  Long list of things they insure – all in capital letters, painted light blue, trimmed in off white……, trailers, and get this………”Mobile Holmes”……..what makes it even funnier is that this is the wife of a fellow we know.  When it was time to look for insurance quotes, mom left the answering service for them numerous messages, and never got the courtesy of a call back.  Guess they didn’t want any more business.  I mean they could have at least paid a sign painter that could SPELL correctly, right ?  Ha !

Everywhere I go, people ask where mom is.  I am so relieved to tell them that she is doing so much better, improving each day.  I will go tomorrow and visit, take some more clothing and have lunch with her.  I did get the weed whacker out yesterday, and I since I have two, one which was damaged by an idiot fellow we had hired at one point – I had to try them out.  So, there I was weed whacking in my good town clothing, and did a 1/3 of the front yard.  Oh well.  Looks great, and once my arms get back to normal I will show my son how to do the rest.  I was adequately chastised for doing what I did yesterday, but I was thrilled to have the ability to make it look nice………..just could not help myself I suppose.

Nice weather now, expecting rain tonight I think.  It is still nice to have it rain, we go far too long between storms here in the desert.