White peacocks and lilacs

White peacocks and lilacs

 Time just keeps on speeding by.  This photo above I took 4 years ago.  My peacocks have since been rehomed……..they had begun to roam and we have a terrible road in front of our house.  The probability of them meeting a truck on the road was too great, so I sent them to a friends house on 15 acres far off the beaten path.  They were really the coolest birds.  I bought them as hatchlings, and they were mailed here to the post office.  Mailed you say ?  Indeed, as hatchlings, they had just ingested the egg yolk sac within their eggshell, and that holds them for two or three days, no feed or water needed.  Of course they are overnighted too.  I still would not want to be along on THAT excursion though.  Anyway, they grew up believing I was the parent bird.  I was the “bigger peacock” (or peahen, whatever).  They would follow me anywhere.  When they discovered they could fly, they would make the funniest noise when in flight……..I can’t even begin to sound it out to type it.  Just trust me, it was hilarious ! 

Mom is doing better and better.  She will come home next week, after her 2 week post surgical check with her surgeon.  Good.  It is too quiet here ! 

Today I will get the weed whacker out and give my son some instruction on it’s use.  I want to tidy the place up.  I never did get the chance to plant any bulbs, but at least tidy grass is a start, right ?

Better get a move on, hope you have a good day !