Early May morning - Kona under the lilac trees :)

Early May morning - Kona under the lilac trees 🙂

You know, each day we get up, it is a new beginning.  Literally.  So many people and so many choices.  We are not just on a slot car track, only going one place.  We can choose to make a difference in our life, in the lives of those near us.  We can help a complete stranger.  Our lives are so fleeting that if we put something off until tomorrow, do we really know that tomorrow will come with us in it ?  Birth and death are the cycle of life.  We never know when our time will be up.  There are no guarantees to length of time we breathe,  no assurance that our time here will be productive, or joyous, or fun or even filled with love.  Working in and around emergency medicine, we see that each day.  I saw a clip from the new movie Pelham 123, with John Travolta.  This film was apparently wrapping when his son Jet passed away.  The line he says in the clip (while looking ominous) is “When you tied your shoes this morning you never would have imagined this would you ?” or something like that.  Exactly that happened to John and his family.  We get up one morning, the phone rings, or someone comes to the door and our lives change completely.  Spending time with mom at the rehabilitation center from her back surgery is interesting.  It  is a step removed from what I know – seeing people recovering their lives from head injuries galore.  We take so much for granted, and in a moment it is all changed or gone.

I am so grateful each day, for my family, my friends.  The ability I have to get up, have my decaf, look out the window and see the wild cat Kona waiting for her breakfast.  My chickens are announcing the arrival of another egg (good ladies !) and Buttercup the sheep  sees me through the kitchen window and begins calling for her breakfast as well.

I get to go visit mom today, and I am so thankful that each day she is stronger and stronger.  I look forward to her getting strong and not hurting. 

We are so lucky to be here, please hug your family and tell your friends how much they mean to you.